CD cover

Next week my mum is going to record her 5th album in México City and she asked me to make the cover for it.

The album name is "A viajar se ha dicho!". It will be an album of music for children (she's a composer and a singer for that audience in particular), as part of a grant given by CONACULTA isntitution.

The songs are quite nice, played with "Gaban" group (folklore musicians) and my nephew and niece loves them so I guess is going to be well accepted ;D

This is how the cover looks so far:

The final touches will be drawned with techinal pen and ink.


New camera

Yesterday I bought a new camera. I decided to go to a pawn shop and have a look to see what I could find, and found this bargain. It was really cheap so I said "why not?".

The first photo I took was one of Marcel's face. He was sleeping there on my bed being most lazy and since he loves to be photograph and stay very still I gave a try.

Now I feel most happy with it and want to shot everything

Bang ! bang ! bang ! ;D


Where The Wild Things Are

I'm working on my entry for monster's moly. 

I've decided to make Maurice Sendak's monsters just because is one of my favourite books, but I've never seen it in real life :(  I can't wait to see the movie ^^

And now, one of my favourite Simpson's episodes with Sendak's wild things :D



Lap and box

A week ago I bought my MacBook. It was a scary experience, I must admit, to be there buying it. The guy at the store told me "now, this is your product and is this much. Is ok ?" and I was like "no, no, call it off !!!" on the inside. I just took a deep breath and said everything was ok.

As I said, scary experience ;))

But is truly a maginificent machine ^^ and soundless !!!

I miss the sounds of my pc now u.u

The other day I found my box where I keep feathers I find on the streets.

I have it for some years now, tought I think I should change it, is falling appart, still I think it looks kind of cool :)


Bichitos curiosos

Since I have a new table to work in my room I'm the happiest girl there can be

I sit there and spend long minutes watching at it, feeling the joy of having it, dreaming I could be doing lots of things, such as creating new characters, drawing my dreams

But instead of actually drawing or painting I discovered little creatures living in my room

Such a wonderful thing they are! Staying still for me to watch them closely... until I realized they're, well, dead. Poor things!

Goodnight little bugs. Tomorrow I'll look for new things to closely look at.


Al natural

Today I made a photography exercise based on searching textures and colours from nature. I wish I could have a kick ass macro and a top quality camera, of course, but ain't that bad, though.

Next two are my favourites. There's something about them that makes them look so nice.

I wish I known when the little spiders are going to born.

Next was really tricky, because of the light.

The texture on next one is amazing, also the colour.


If I...

Some have lots of imagination, or maybe is an idle mind. I'm not sure.

If I stop wondering things, would that means I'm dead ? Or my soul is ? I'm not sure.

Where does my mind leads me anyway ?

Lots of questions

Tons of imagination

I'm not sure

If i... from Tim Brown on Vimeo.


Bêtes sauvages

Je suis une bête sauvage, une enfant terrible, une rêveuse.

Je ne suis pas une animal domestique, une fabulatrice, une belle poupeé

Today I did nothing much.

I can't think about anything except... all those questions I have right now and can't answer.

We been talking about when we were kids. I remember that I never wanted to grow up, never wanted to fall in love, I wanted to be an enfant terrible, like Max , imagining things, going wild, having lots of adventures... and I grew up, fell in love, once, twice, again and again; and there are days when I can't be a child anymore, the days I can are priceless.


Baba Yaga & music

Today I made my entry for Baba Yaga's exchange. I still can't take Bilibin's work out off my head. I must admit I get really desperate because is pretty difficult to work with the nibs. I'm so happy Lynne gave me some, I used them here and I been using them for quite some time, well, most of the time I just stare at them, they're so lovely.

I wish I could read music. I can, but can't hear it. This pages are from my dad's moleskine. Once we went to buy some and he bought this for music. He just made two entries. I like the first one, because is so plastic. The second one is kind of crazy.

I don't know how it sounds. This make me feel so empty, empty of his presence.


(Not so) Tragic story

We went to celebrate mother's day to a public pool. I didn't planned to get into it, but when I was there the water just called me - also was a hot day -. I was so happy there, with the water up to my knees that I didn't noticed my bad was also getting as wet as my shorts. Now my camera doesn't work, the book I was carring also got so wet, iPod too, but it seems doesn't got too wet so is working - ufff ! - and my moleskine looks like this :

I'm so bloody brilliant. Good thing is that wasn't too bad... still the camera is drowned. I wanted to take some photos, but no can do u.u

Well, I wasn't going to stay all day crying because of that so I bought a swimming suit and I dove into the pool. It felt so nice. Its been years since the last time I got into one, maybe like 10 or more (!). We ate for free - carnitas , is a traditional dish here in the state where I live made with pork -, didn't pay to be there and drank lovely iced beers, also for free, because one of my uncles broadcasted his radio show from that place so the owner invited us all. I must say this was the most fantastic mother's day ever, and I'm not a mum for celebrating myself ! :D

So, why am I whining ? Seems like my kind of sport, isn't ? :B


Un sueño

I decided to stay a bit away from (off, I'm always confused about this thing) moleskines to make this, because they don't give me the format for what I had in mind. I can say that, even if is something quite simple I'm very pleased with it.

r o s e a u drew a dream for me and this is my dream for her.

While I was painting it this musical piece came in mind. I think that, if my dreams could have a soundtrack, there's no better musician than Phillip Glass - or could be another one -.

My sister and I have been playing "song, song". Is a fabulous easy game on which one start with a song and that song leads to another and so on, so on. Could be because of the lyrics or the melody.

I'll marry a person that can play that game, so, I'll marry my iPod. Problem solved :P


Finished !!!

I finally finished Ophelia, yay ! I'm soooooo... hungry right now, I have to eat something before I fade :/

My dad gave me that book when I was a teen. I used to read it out loud. Is my secret weapon for the Shakehead's exchange, mmmmmuuuuahahahahahahahha (evil laugh).

Ok, I'll go to eat now :)

Ophelia WIP2

I am officialy b-o-r-e-d.

I can't seem to finish this drawing, is taking too damn much time. Is not that I don't like how it looks like so far, I do (well, I can't make the water looks like water, grrrrrrrrr) but I'm tired of seeing the same thing for the past days. I have to finish it anyway. I know that with each exchange I have to give the best of my work, but this has gone too far (!) I don't know if I'm desperate because of that or because is too hot in here. I have to wash my hands constantly because of the sweat, thing I don't like to do while drawing because my hand's bones hurts, from fingertips to my elbows.

Ok, I'll stop whining right this moment. Is 2 am and I need to take my med and go to Morpheo's arms.

P.S. 1 I hope I won't be dreaming about it :/

P.S. 2 I can't remember what "WIP" means. "Whining in pyjamas" ? :B


Dinner and Ophelia WIP

Today I started my entry for William Shakehead's moly exchange. I choose to first draw Hamlet's Ophelia. She's one of my most favourite characters from Shakehead's plays. Hmmmm... I think she needs more colour, still I won't add more until I start working on the background.

I'm affraid this will take longer than I thought.

Last night we -yes, the all me's living inside myself - had a lovely dinner with my mum, my sister Lluvia and Miguel.

If you were me, you'd be 1 m 55 cm tall - everytime I go to the doctor my hight is less, don't know why -, not hungry but seeing this :

Marcel was around too. I don't know if he was almost tasting the chicken soup on the table or Lluvia was choking him. Poor guy.


Last pages of journal and me and Rogelio

Today I made the last entry on my journal. It was a way of getting ridd of all those bad feelings, the sadness, the angryness.

The other day while talking with my close friend I noticed how angry I am, how I always keep on making excuses on those whom hurt me and I keep blaming me for all the mess, when the whole mess is not mine, part of it yes, so why to think is all my fault as if I were some kind of idiotic masoquist when I'm not ?. There was a time when I used to trust, not so long ago. Now, when I can't do it she comes, my beautiful bird, giving me all those nice things people should give and people should receive. Her hands are full and mine are empty and still she's so kind and patient. I feel like one monster myself, rotten inside.

The drawing is about that, about me yearning to trust, to feel again, to let others fill my hands with kisses and music, images, love, but also leaving things behind and not drag them into new places.

I think that my moleskine should look messier after all this time. I started to write on it on July last year. Wow ! I haven't read all those pages, I never do. Maybe when I get older I'll do it and it would be something great to do. Is amazing how is not a big thing, I mean, I didn't write that much on it, that's why it took me almost a year. As now I write more next journal will go quicker than this one

And fot this days of flu...
yes, I do wear it on the streets, but I try not to go out if I don't have to. Some friends told me I'm paranoic, maybe.
My camarada Benjamin told me the other day I should take a photo with that thing, but I forgot to add the smile on it >.<

Oh, yes, today was - and still is very hot - Poor Rogelio, he lies there like if he were dead and a truck just passed by over him - like Churchill from "Pet Sematary" :D


The princess, the prince and the warrior

Today I finished - at last - the entries for moly_x_48.

I wish I could say I'm happy with them, but I'm half happy. There's something missing an I don't know what it is...

A friend just asked me if they're from a story. They are. True story, true characters but how I see them and not who they really are.


Pushkin / Bilibin - old memories

While looking through my dad books I found this little book - actually is big but thin -. Is an A. Pushkin story, a book edited in Russia, transtaled to spanish. I remember that I spent hours looking at the images, marveled by their beauty. My wish was, back those days, that someday I could make such beautiful drawings.

Years after I'm still amazed by Bilibin's works and still wishing one day I could make things like that.