Piedra, papel o tijeras

Sometimes I'm sick of my own face. Is there and everybody else can see it, but why should I see it all the time? But there are sometimes when I see it and I don't recognize it, is somebody else's face. I look at it deeply, I see the eyes - deep brown, the lips - like a duck's mouth - the nose... I like my nose, but still is not my nose and not my lips, my eyes, eyebrows, etc. I ask to that person looking back to me at the mirror "who are you?" She asks the same to me. No response.I never draw myself how I really am. Is me, yes, minus this, minus that. "Artist's license" is called, pure self indulgence I call it.I'm selfish, yes and I have my egotheque of self portraits. I'm the only one there willing to be drawn, and my cats of course.
I don’t like to draw hair
And I hate Mozart… most of his works, except that one and a few more.


Captain Dimitri

I met Captain Dimitri while traveling on the seven seas. He was a nice Russian guy whom likes to drink cherry whiskey and sing songs about his travels. He showed me the songs that the mermaids sing when the storms are coming and also showed me to cook a nice lemon salmon. He told me that he was born in Poland, because his mother was from there, but his father was Russian so he took him away when he was a child to become a sailor, just like him. When he was sad he used to sing his mother’s songs in her languaje. Captain Dimitri also was known as Rosie by some people in Mauritius. I never asked him why. I also asked him his name, but was in polish and russian, so the when he saw my blank expression he told me "call me Dimitri".I don’t know what happened to him. The last thing I’ve heard about him was that he was sailing near the red sea but he was so blue that he headed up north.
Conocí al capitán Dimitri cuando navegaba por los siete mares. él era un buen hombre ruso que gustaba beber wiskey de cereza y cantar canciones sobre sus viajes. Él me mostró las canciones que cantan las sirenas cuando viene una tormenta y también a cocinar un delicioso salmón al limón. Me explicó que él nació en Polonia porque su madre era de ahí, pero su padre era ruso, así que cuando era muy pequeño se lo llevó con él para que aprendiera a ser un marinero como su padre. Cuando se ponía triste cantaba canciones en su lengua materna.
El capitán Dimitri también era conocido como Rosie por algunas personas en Mauritius. Nunca le pregunté por qué. También le pregunté su nombre, pero era una mezcla de ruso y polaco, así que cuando vió my expresión me dijo "llámame Dimitri".
No sé qué pasó con él. Lo último que supe esque cuando viajaba por el mar Rojo se sintió tan triste que decidió dirigirse al norte.


One Day...

Tratando de encontrar nuevas formas de decir cosas, aunque sigue siendo lo mismo mas aún así el discurso no se acaba.
Leave something for me and my imagination.