Where The Wild Things Are

I'm working on my entry for monster's moly. 

I've decided to make Maurice Sendak's monsters just because is one of my favourite books, but I've never seen it in real life :(  I can't wait to see the movie ^^

And now, one of my favourite Simpson's episodes with Sendak's wild things :D



Lap and box

A week ago I bought my MacBook. It was a scary experience, I must admit, to be there buying it. The guy at the store told me "now, this is your product and is this much. Is ok ?" and I was like "no, no, call it off !!!" on the inside. I just took a deep breath and said everything was ok.

As I said, scary experience ;))

But is truly a maginificent machine ^^ and soundless !!!

I miss the sounds of my pc now u.u

The other day I found my box where I keep feathers I find on the streets.

I have it for some years now, tought I think I should change it, is falling appart, still I think it looks kind of cool :)