Question: If you weren’t a painter what would you like to be?

Yoda: A musician or a filmmaker.

Q: Do you sing?

Y: Yes, in the shower (laugh)

Q: If someone makes a song about you, who would you like it to be?

Y: Just one song? Why not an entire album? (laugh). Hmmm, Lou Reed.

Q: And if a filmmaker would make a movie about you?

Y: Easy, Tim Burton, Michel Gondry, or David Lynch.

Q: And a writer?

Y: Michael Ende or Janette Winterson.

Q: But Michael Ende is dead.

Y: You never said it has to be alive (giggle).

Q: Ok, ok. Which famous painter would you like to make your portrait?

Y: G. Helnwein or Arturo Rivera

Q: And which famous photographer?

Y: Eugenio Recuenco or Joel-Peter Witkin

Q: And if someone who you admire could make your portrait?

Y: In photo I’d like oladios or Slow Cheetah and in drawing szaza or occam’s razor

Q: If you could do any of these two what would you choose: to breathe underwater or to fly?

Y: Fly away

Q: To where?

Y: That’s my secret.

Q: Which is your fashion style?

Y: Like a safe box: you don’t know how the combination is (laugh)

Q: What kind of cat would you be?

Y: A poser.



I always thought making a drawing or a painting would be much easier with one colour. I was so wrong.

The complexity reaches to strange levels and there was times when I felt nothing was going on, nothing seemed right, but still to quit wasn't a good idea, not only because the drawing was something I had to make for the exchange, but also because of the learning process. I can see now that I'm capable of making something almost monocrome.

Is it boring? For me, no, I don't know if it's for you.


El Hechizo

When I was younger...

but things can't always start with such sentence. Though I'm getting older, or as I'm getting older, I'm starting to forget things. There are some events that are erased from my memory and somehow I know they are there, somewhere, hidden inside me. I don't know if I need them, or if they need me. Maybe not. If I get to be an old lady I'll remember them, for sure.

I been trying to remember how did I learn to tie my shoelaces and when I successfully did it. No matter how much I try to focus I can't recall it. On the other hand, there are thing I don't remember but my parents or family does, like when I was a baby, so they form part of my memory.

I do remember when I was making this drawing, a long time ago. If I consentrate enough I can even remember how I was feeling those days.

Is strange what we choose to remember and what not.