Question: If you weren’t a painter what would you like to be?

Yoda: A musician or a filmmaker.

Q: Do you sing?

Y: Yes, in the shower (laugh)

Q: If someone makes a song about you, who would you like it to be?

Y: Just one song? Why not an entire album? (laugh). Hmmm, Lou Reed.

Q: And if a filmmaker would make a movie about you?

Y: Easy, Tim Burton, Michel Gondry, or David Lynch.

Q: And a writer?

Y: Michael Ende or Janette Winterson.

Q: But Michael Ende is dead.

Y: You never said it has to be alive (giggle).

Q: Ok, ok. Which famous painter would you like to make your portrait?

Y: G. Helnwein or Arturo Rivera

Q: And which famous photographer?

Y: Eugenio Recuenco or Joel-Peter Witkin

Q: And if someone who you admire could make your portrait?

Y: In photo I’d like oladios or Slow Cheetah and in drawing szaza or occam’s razor

Q: If you could do any of these two what would you choose: to breathe underwater or to fly?

Y: Fly away

Q: To where?

Y: That’s my secret.

Q: Which is your fashion style?

Y: Like a safe box: you don’t know how the combination is (laugh)

Q: What kind of cat would you be?

Y: A poser.

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