New things

I been trying to make my room looks nice, to create something I always wanted to have, a dream-like room. I know there still some things I have in boxes - lots of things ! and I stole one mask to my dad, hehehe - that are going to make the view nicer for me. For a few days now I wake up and I have to get used ot the things now hanging on the wall, not as a bad thing, of course.

Right now it looks like this:

Not bad but it'll get better soon... I hope :)

Yesterday I was trying my new nibs I bought with some W&N black ink. I bought them for calligraphy - for the moleskine exchanges -. I have to practice more and more with them, though.

Something like this, that I made with two of the nibs :

This is a little story about a guy that has pockets for every song he makes, well, not much of a story I wrote, but maybe someday, just a little something for my journal right now.

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Kiwi Wiki dijo...

che yodix...
sigues siendo mi artista favorita...

Siddartha Babbii dijo...

Renovar los cuartos es como mudar de piel y como tu dices nada es coincidencia, hace unos quince días lleve a cabo una modificación radical en el mio tambien tratando de crear un espacio mas dinámico, probablemente los planetas se han alineado para que la crisis en el país no solo sea economica sino también antropométrica ajajajajaja! Como sea! suerte en el exilio e insisto tus dibujos poseen mucha teatralidad, el chico de los bolsillos para guardar sus canciones me lo confirma. Saludos y suerte!