Cats, monsters and a little monster

Today was a really hot day and I found poor Marcel lying on the bathroom floor. Maybe he was pondering about jump into the bath tub, but who knows. I think I'll do it soon and with that I'll be inaugurating the thing, which I have never used in my whole life 'cause this is the first time I have one, yay !

Today I also made this little drawing. I wanted to draw the cat blue and I bought one blue ink but couldn't find it, I don't know where I puted it. I thought that while cleaning my room I'd find it but no. Now I don't know if I dreamed I bought it or I actually did, hmmmmm...

In the morning a ray of starshine came into my eyes. I'm still dazzled, still happy, still watching it over and over.

I also finished this for moly moly_x_46 . The exchange is about monsters. Again, my monsters aren't scary at all, but maybe they have some tricks I don't know about :)

And I found this photo of a little monster Yoda. Can you see my ferocious gaze ? grooooooaaaaaaarrrrrr :D

My grandmother said to me "oh, you were so cute ! what happened ? "

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croopnick dijo...

That is one feroucious hairstyle ;)

Kiwi Wiki dijo...

jajaja morra¡¡¡
tu mama tenia razon eras muy linda.