News, olds and new-olds

Today I found one of the boxes with my dolls. Some I have since I was a child and give me good memories, others were gifts from friends and others I made. My room is starting to look really nice, well, at least one of the walls and since I have my pc there I can see that wall everytime I want.

I also mended this little figure I have. It is supposed to be a... to tell you the truth I don't know if it's a cat or a dog, and because it has a mask is difficult to know ;)) but what I know for sure is that is based on some Prehispanic figures - then I guess is a Xoloitzcuintli, that means dog - It got broken several years ago and I never had the patience to sit down and really mended it, until today . Now it has two new paws and one new ear; bad thing is that I noticed the back leg is shorter than it is supposed to be :/ - my mistake, of course -.

I been working on this moleskine. The theme is "monsters" for moly_x_46. I wanted to buy some watercolours but couldn't find them so I bought those really cheap low quality ones - I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to use those kind of materials but I really needed some colours I currently don't have -. I think I'll have it finished by tomorrow... no, today ! well, today but later-later, right now is midnight and I should be sleeping after a day of hard work... he !

I still think my not-desk is a mess, though. I've seen some photos of people's desks and they're so nice and neat; mine is a " creative chaos " ;D

Because my not-desk is so... near to the floor I don't have a chair to sit comfortable and work, so right now my back hurts like hell, is so sored. I been working like this for the past 3 days and I need to find something soon or I'll get so many back problems in a few months, not years, months !!!

This is my I'm-a-so-serious-working-girl look ;)))

Today I also received this goodies from Lynne all the way from England : a package of ink cartridges for my fountain pen. Here I can't find coloured inks like that so it's a great gift ! and a beautiful postcard which is an hologram. I love it, makes me feel dizzy when I look at it :))

And before I'm going... this is my last entry for moly_x_38. I wanted to make my favourite monsters: werewolf, vampire and zombie :)

3 comentarios:

Lynne dijo...

I am so glad you like the card, I thought it was so nice I bought one for myself too :-)
I love all the masks and dolls on your wall :-)

Lady Orlando dijo...

Thank you, Lynne :)

I showed the card to my mum and she liked it too :))

Well, my wall is not half pretty as yours I must say ;)

IvOnNe dijo...

Awsome inks and postcard...
Great about, wolf, vampire and zombie... a cocodrile could be a moster? That will be my favourite one :)