In My Bag

Today I finished my entry for Anna Denise moly . Her theme is what we carry around in our bags, well, mine is really small one, but big enough for my moly (journal). Is actually my sister's bag, but I don't plan to give it away ! And she doesn't cares so is nice, hehehe.

This is how all that stuff really looks like :

Silly me ! I forgot to draw my celphone ! But as I don't use it much (nobody calls me. Sigh *) I don't see it as something important as, for instance, my iPod. The think I like the most is my Jimmy, my little bag for money. When my sister gave it to me she said "look, I found the child you and Tim Burton had" :D

Today I also got a great news which is that I'm going to be featured for one week on one webpage where I upload things sometimes http://www.bluecanvas.com/ladyorlando/ I know, maybe is not much, or it is, still makes me feel happy because some people likes my works. Nice. Latelly I feel like if I fell into a void and getting this is really amazing :)

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Kiwi Wiki dijo...

aja.... Ya vi lo que traes en tu mochila, interesante...interesante, sabes que me gusta tu llavero de schlitering(creo q asi se escribe :P ...pero lo que mas me gusto es haver visto tu folder del blue canvas... esta genial.