El Tío Poppoff - Children book

a selfportrait of the autor

One of the books that I had when I was a child has had a big influence on my work. I used to sit for long periods of time watching the images on it, imagining and dreaming some day to make something like them, and also learn to fly.

This edition I have is from 1966, printed in Spain, the original title is " Onkel Poppoff kann auf Bäume fliegen". For some strange reason I always thought that Janosch - the autor and illustrator- was russian, of course when I grow up I discovered he is german, and seems still living. Despite of having the book I don't remember well the story now, perhaps I should read it again.

... and yes, I drew the princess's boobs :]



Somehing little before I start to work on my thesis.

My younger sister Lluvia is going to registre her chocolate brand next week and she asked me to make something for it. She gave me her idea and when I showed the drawing for this she loved it, even told me that should have the cheeks I make.

I was thinking to ask her as paiment some of those delicious chocolates she makes, but the doctor put me on a diet -damn ! -, so no sweets for me :/



Doing really nothing but wasting time


Little things

So, after being away for 2 months now I came back to my country... and I still feel hard to go back to my normal sleeping hours.

My new family of raccoons seems to be quite happy in their new home 

Also another new member of the doll community is Jacinto the cat. I got it at the "Queens" store in London, a funny place full of glitter, even the guy attending there was covered with, which seemed not to amuse him at all.

Finally but not last a set of different sizes of moleskine. Today I discovered the little one and couldn't resist to buy it.

How's your year going so far ?