Journal entries

Yesterday I didn't do much and I just worked on the two last pages of my journal. Now is ready to be send. The whole journal thing is a long story, and I love my own long stories, but I still don't know if this one is one I'll talk about. Some day, perhaps. I'm not too happy with them but I have nothing left to say on this particular notebook.

I need to buy a new moleskine for another journal.

The heart is the original design for my tattoo, which I have to say, is one of my favourites.

My face !!! I'm so tired. I been so tired all this past days and taking photos like that is... fun, at times, but not today because my batteries died, all of them and this is the only " good " photo of 13 I took. If this is the good one imagine the others :/

I have absolutely no idea what I wanted to say with this page. Maybe one day I'll understand, or maybe is just utterly bullshit. Who knows, really.


Travels, inks and wonders

I been buying some inks - no, I haven't found the blue one - and I wanted to use all of them in one drawing. I say ALL and it sounds like if I have tons, but no, sadly, hehehe. I realized I bought too many red colours and they looks so much alike, buuuuuuut... today - well, in the morning - I'm going to spend my last money on more inks. I think I'll buy one green and one - guess - blue.

Drawing with dip pens are lost of fun, but I made a mess with the black ink and my fingers are covered with it, grrrrrrrrrr. I don't really care about it, is just that I try not to touch the drawing much so won't get dirty and it is, no matter how much I tried. I have to be extra careful then.

I been thinking latelly about the travel I can't have - I could if I have the money for it -, how makes me feel that. I think I waste too much time thinking about it and only makes me feel even sadder to wonder " if things were different, if I were in the right place, in the right moment what would happen ? ". But maybe I'm not even the right girl, so...

Anyway, this is me on my magic flying carpet. Nice, isn't ? ;P

Today a metallic thing fell on my head. It hurted so bad. Today I came to a moment when I couldn't feel things, only the ones inside and real pain seemed silly and small, like a low buzzing; still I feel things that makes me dream, makes me want to draw and write, and I write and draw. I wish I could draw all the stories, all the music, the way they flows in me.

*Tell me a story, starshine*


In My Bag

Today I finished my entry for Anna Denise moly . Her theme is what we carry around in our bags, well, mine is really small one, but big enough for my moly (journal). Is actually my sister's bag, but I don't plan to give it away ! And she doesn't cares so is nice, hehehe.

This is how all that stuff really looks like :

Silly me ! I forgot to draw my celphone ! But as I don't use it much (nobody calls me. Sigh *) I don't see it as something important as, for instance, my iPod. The think I like the most is my Jimmy, my little bag for money. When my sister gave it to me she said "look, I found the child you and Tim Burton had" :D

Today I also got a great news which is that I'm going to be featured for one week on one webpage where I upload things sometimes http://www.bluecanvas.com/ladyorlando/ I know, maybe is not much, or it is, still makes me feel happy because some people likes my works. Nice. Latelly I feel like if I fell into a void and getting this is really amazing :)


Cats, monsters and a little monster

Today was a really hot day and I found poor Marcel lying on the bathroom floor. Maybe he was pondering about jump into the bath tub, but who knows. I think I'll do it soon and with that I'll be inaugurating the thing, which I have never used in my whole life 'cause this is the first time I have one, yay !

Today I also made this little drawing. I wanted to draw the cat blue and I bought one blue ink but couldn't find it, I don't know where I puted it. I thought that while cleaning my room I'd find it but no. Now I don't know if I dreamed I bought it or I actually did, hmmmmm...

In the morning a ray of starshine came into my eyes. I'm still dazzled, still happy, still watching it over and over.

I also finished this for moly moly_x_46 . The exchange is about monsters. Again, my monsters aren't scary at all, but maybe they have some tricks I don't know about :)

And I found this photo of a little monster Yoda. Can you see my ferocious gaze ? grooooooaaaaaaarrrrrr :D

My grandmother said to me "oh, you were so cute ! what happened ? "


News, olds and new-olds

Today I found one of the boxes with my dolls. Some I have since I was a child and give me good memories, others were gifts from friends and others I made. My room is starting to look really nice, well, at least one of the walls and since I have my pc there I can see that wall everytime I want.

I also mended this little figure I have. It is supposed to be a... to tell you the truth I don't know if it's a cat or a dog, and because it has a mask is difficult to know ;)) but what I know for sure is that is based on some Prehispanic figures - then I guess is a Xoloitzcuintli, that means dog - It got broken several years ago and I never had the patience to sit down and really mended it, until today . Now it has two new paws and one new ear; bad thing is that I noticed the back leg is shorter than it is supposed to be :/ - my mistake, of course -.

I been working on this moleskine. The theme is "monsters" for moly_x_46. I wanted to buy some watercolours but couldn't find them so I bought those really cheap low quality ones - I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to use those kind of materials but I really needed some colours I currently don't have -. I think I'll have it finished by tomorrow... no, today ! well, today but later-later, right now is midnight and I should be sleeping after a day of hard work... he !

I still think my not-desk is a mess, though. I've seen some photos of people's desks and they're so nice and neat; mine is a " creative chaos " ;D

Because my not-desk is so... near to the floor I don't have a chair to sit comfortable and work, so right now my back hurts like hell, is so sored. I been working like this for the past 3 days and I need to find something soon or I'll get so many back problems in a few months, not years, months !!!

This is my I'm-a-so-serious-working-girl look ;)))

Today I also received this goodies from Lynne all the way from England : a package of ink cartridges for my fountain pen. Here I can't find coloured inks like that so it's a great gift ! and a beautiful postcard which is an hologram. I love it, makes me feel dizzy when I look at it :))

And before I'm going... this is my last entry for moly_x_38. I wanted to make my favourite monsters: werewolf, vampire and zombie :)


New things

I been trying to make my room looks nice, to create something I always wanted to have, a dream-like room. I know there still some things I have in boxes - lots of things ! and I stole one mask to my dad, hehehe - that are going to make the view nicer for me. For a few days now I wake up and I have to get used ot the things now hanging on the wall, not as a bad thing, of course.

Right now it looks like this:

Not bad but it'll get better soon... I hope :)

Yesterday I was trying my new nibs I bought with some W&N black ink. I bought them for calligraphy - for the moleskine exchanges -. I have to practice more and more with them, though.

Something like this, that I made with two of the nibs :

This is a little story about a guy that has pockets for every song he makes, well, not much of a story I wrote, but maybe someday, just a little something for my journal right now.