The Witch

Hace ya mucho rato que hice esta acuarela, pero por alguna razón siempre regreso a verla.

It's been a while since I made this watercolour painting, but somehow I always come back to look at it.


If I were a cat - journal24

Si fuera un gato miraría debajo de las faldas de las chicas.

If I were a cat I'd look under the girl's skirts.


Imaginary Friend 3

I wish I could see an explosion of different colors in front of my eyes.

I wish I could have more colors.

I wish I could scream right now.


Imaginary Friend - Journal 19

My imaginary friend likes to think she's the mature one here and the monster that lives upside my head is so kawaii ;P
Now, I want you to go to your room and play with your imaginary friend - Pretty Things