princess - journal5

Cuando era chica creía que había alguien que era yo misma en otro lugar, pero ella era una princesa. Creía que si miraba con detenimiento mis rostro en el espejo era provable que en algún momento la viera.

When I was a child I used to believe that somewhere there was a girl that actually was me, but she was a princes. I believed that if I stared long enough my face in the mirror I could have a glimpse of her face.


Lady Orlando

Me in a victorian costume.
I have always wanted to use one of those things for real.


We used to ride dragons


Connection - Elastica

Slowly I awake today. My eyes are tired so is my head, not to mention the rest of my too-young-to-be-old body. I try to listen some music, nothing seems to catch my attention. Finally I choose something, someone to sing what's on my head. Note by note, smooth as a cat comes my old friend Chet Baker telling me 'let's get lost, let's get lost' and I take his invitation as his trumpet flows around me, clear metallic sound filling every corner of my solitude. My solitude - with Billie Holliday's voice is the voice in my head.

Sometimes I don't understand english, I don't understand 'I like you' meaning - is so different if I try to translate it to my own languaje -. But I say it anyway.

I should stop listening the old tunes. They stick to me, get into my bones as I'm starting to feel how they fill me with sadness, melancholy of things I would never have, such feelings.



Qué Grosero! - Las ultrasónicas

Nothing to say. Latelly I feel so lazy. Don't want to change that.