We used to ride dragons


Connection - Elastica

Slowly I awake today. My eyes are tired so is my head, not to mention the rest of my too-young-to-be-old body. I try to listen some music, nothing seems to catch my attention. Finally I choose something, someone to sing what's on my head. Note by note, smooth as a cat comes my old friend Chet Baker telling me 'let's get lost, let's get lost' and I take his invitation as his trumpet flows around me, clear metallic sound filling every corner of my solitude. My solitude - with Billie Holliday's voice is the voice in my head.

Sometimes I don't understand english, I don't understand 'I like you' meaning - is so different if I try to translate it to my own languaje -. But I say it anyway.

I should stop listening the old tunes. They stick to me, get into my bones as I'm starting to feel how they fill me with sadness, melancholy of things I would never have, such feelings.