Travels, inks and wonders

I been buying some inks - no, I haven't found the blue one - and I wanted to use all of them in one drawing. I say ALL and it sounds like if I have tons, but no, sadly, hehehe. I realized I bought too many red colours and they looks so much alike, buuuuuuut... today - well, in the morning - I'm going to spend my last money on more inks. I think I'll buy one green and one - guess - blue.

Drawing with dip pens are lost of fun, but I made a mess with the black ink and my fingers are covered with it, grrrrrrrrrr. I don't really care about it, is just that I try not to touch the drawing much so won't get dirty and it is, no matter how much I tried. I have to be extra careful then.

I been thinking latelly about the travel I can't have - I could if I have the money for it -, how makes me feel that. I think I waste too much time thinking about it and only makes me feel even sadder to wonder " if things were different, if I were in the right place, in the right moment what would happen ? ". But maybe I'm not even the right girl, so...

Anyway, this is me on my magic flying carpet. Nice, isn't ? ;P

Today a metallic thing fell on my head. It hurted so bad. Today I came to a moment when I couldn't feel things, only the ones inside and real pain seemed silly and small, like a low buzzing; still I feel things that makes me dream, makes me want to draw and write, and I write and draw. I wish I could draw all the stories, all the music, the way they flows in me.

*Tell me a story, starshine*

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IvOnNe dijo...

Silly! You are the right girl in the right site, focuse your self about what do you want and where do you want to do and get done things, it is hard to get things, and goood and great thinks it is some times harder and looks kind of imposible to catch them but, we must start where we are and and then, get ove it!!! hahahahaha
And yeah, I like your drawn as usual :P... and I forgot what more I would like to say... let me see...

IvOnNe dijo...

About ink, awsome I just play with Lenin inks becouse I am not an artist :P, about metallic thing hurting you: zooooope!!, be carefull... about long stories, great I can't remember when do I wrote a long history, I guess just in real life (^_^)
I miss you, and you told me you will teach me how to draw :P