El Hechizo

When I was younger...

but things can't always start with such sentence. Though I'm getting older, or as I'm getting older, I'm starting to forget things. There are some events that are erased from my memory and somehow I know they are there, somewhere, hidden inside me. I don't know if I need them, or if they need me. Maybe not. If I get to be an old lady I'll remember them, for sure.

I been trying to remember how did I learn to tie my shoelaces and when I successfully did it. No matter how much I try to focus I can't recall it. On the other hand, there are thing I don't remember but my parents or family does, like when I was a baby, so they form part of my memory.

I do remember when I was making this drawing, a long time ago. If I consentrate enough I can even remember how I was feeling those days.

Is strange what we choose to remember and what not.

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Kiwi Wiki dijo...

asi son los recuerdos mi yodix... son un mar de cosas amontonadas...y la unica manera de volverlos a ver y sentir solo con hipnosis.
aunque honestamente algunas memorias es mejor no sacarlas del olvido.