Sophisticated Lady - journal31

Everytime I have a nice cup of tea I transformer myself into a new character, quite old, actually. Is a part of me, my part of a sophisticated lady, like the ones that appears in victorian portraits, in old books.
That doestn't happens with any type of tea, just with some in which the flavours are rich and soft at the same time.
A friend once described me a tea she drinks like "a mountain". It took me a while to understand what that means, how a tea could be a mountain. Little by little I've been understanding that; still I don't have the whole idea but I'm getting close to it.
I've tried some good teas, some really great, some of them makes me feel like I'd never want to stop drinking them, though is always good there's no more and my cup is empty so I can try a new flavour or an old one.
Maybe one day I'll get to drink a tea in a nice place and me, wearing a nice vintage dress; only one day, that would be fantastic. And maybe that day I'll be in England and a nice english rain would be there, outside, but I'll have my nice cup of tea, with sugar and perhaps some cream, and I wouldn't mind about the rain because I'll ahve a wonderful red umbrella with me and a lovely monster-friend by my side.

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