Pop up

Little by littel the idea of tridimentionality is taking a place in my imagination. Still is not a complete idea, still I can't make one of those pop up things. My dad is too kind and he gives his creations for me to use however I want. I need to learn how to make the things he tries to teach me, and I say "try" because is taking me too much time to think in another way beside bidimentional way. Maybe that's why I didn't studied scupture.

I feel that I have to start to change the way I see things, the world, everything, in order to understand how things works. Who knows, maybe if I get to understand that the next step is kinetics.

Just drawing and painting is not enough, I can't say everything I want to say.

There's much to learn and time is endless.

3 comentarios:

Margaret Ann dijo...

This is absolutely amazing...Love it lots! :)

Sonic Reducer dijo...

Qué hermosa idea y genial solución. Ideal para una tarjeta. Lo dicho: la Moleskine está viva en tus manos.

Pauloski dijo...

Muy guapo el pop up!!