Lap and box

A week ago I bought my MacBook. It was a scary experience, I must admit, to be there buying it. The guy at the store told me "now, this is your product and is this much. Is ok ?" and I was like "no, no, call it off !!!" on the inside. I just took a deep breath and said everything was ok.

As I said, scary experience ;))

But is truly a maginificent machine ^^ and soundless !!!

I miss the sounds of my pc now u.u

The other day I found my box where I keep feathers I find on the streets.

I have it for some years now, tought I think I should change it, is falling appart, still I think it looks kind of cool :)

5 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

I love the feather box! Keep it :)

Lynne dijo...

you will love your mac....I love mine :-)
and the feather box is treasure, hide it and find it again another day :-)

Lady Orlando dijo...

Thank you Kelly. Yes, I'll keep it, perhaps I'll try to fix it a little :)

I was love at first sight, Lynne :D Hiding the box will be easy; I forget so quickly where I put things :>

Luda Lima dijo...

jajaja, i feel always scary to be surrounded by apple's people... ;-/

hey, I have a box with lost holding-earings. ;-]

danceofthecosmos dijo...

Si Mac es lo mejor ;D
De que es el icono de Totoro?
Me gusta tu caja de plumas, yo tmb em encuentro muchas pero las tengo guardadas randomente.