Bichitos curiosos

Since I have a new table to work in my room I'm the happiest girl there can be

I sit there and spend long minutes watching at it, feeling the joy of having it, dreaming I could be doing lots of things, such as creating new characters, drawing my dreams

But instead of actually drawing or painting I discovered little creatures living in my room

Such a wonderful thing they are! Staying still for me to watch them closely... until I realized they're, well, dead. Poor things!

Goodnight little bugs. Tomorrow I'll look for new things to closely look at.

2 comentarios:

Kejt The Chocolate dijo...

Hallo! I found your blog thanks to flickr :)

I'm sure I'll peer here often!


______________[pstrange] dijo...

Me encanta todo lo que haces, tiene una calidad increíble!