(Not so) Tragic story

We went to celebrate mother's day to a public pool. I didn't planned to get into it, but when I was there the water just called me - also was a hot day -. I was so happy there, with the water up to my knees that I didn't noticed my bad was also getting as wet as my shorts. Now my camera doesn't work, the book I was carring also got so wet, iPod too, but it seems doesn't got too wet so is working - ufff ! - and my moleskine looks like this :

I'm so bloody brilliant. Good thing is that wasn't too bad... still the camera is drowned. I wanted to take some photos, but no can do u.u

Well, I wasn't going to stay all day crying because of that so I bought a swimming suit and I dove into the pool. It felt so nice. Its been years since the last time I got into one, maybe like 10 or more (!). We ate for free - carnitas , is a traditional dish here in the state where I live made with pork -, didn't pay to be there and drank lovely iced beers, also for free, because one of my uncles broadcasted his radio show from that place so the owner invited us all. I must say this was the most fantastic mother's day ever, and I'm not a mum for celebrating myself ! :D

So, why am I whining ? Seems like my kind of sport, isn't ? :B

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Siddartha Babbii dijo...

you were so lucky, i think something more terrible! jajajajaja!

Lady Orlando dijo...

Jajajajajajajaja XD

Lynne dijo...

a (nearly) perfect day to put in your new ( and slightly damp) journal.....:-)