Ophelia WIP2

I am officialy b-o-r-e-d.

I can't seem to finish this drawing, is taking too damn much time. Is not that I don't like how it looks like so far, I do (well, I can't make the water looks like water, grrrrrrrrr) but I'm tired of seeing the same thing for the past days. I have to finish it anyway. I know that with each exchange I have to give the best of my work, but this has gone too far (!) I don't know if I'm desperate because of that or because is too hot in here. I have to wash my hands constantly because of the sweat, thing I don't like to do while drawing because my hand's bones hurts, from fingertips to my elbows.

Ok, I'll stop whining right this moment. Is 2 am and I need to take my med and go to Morpheo's arms.

P.S. 1 I hope I won't be dreaming about it :/

P.S. 2 I can't remember what "WIP" means. "Whining in pyjamas" ? :B

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