Un sueño

I decided to stay a bit away from (off, I'm always confused about this thing) moleskines to make this, because they don't give me the format for what I had in mind. I can say that, even if is something quite simple I'm very pleased with it.

r o s e a u drew a dream for me and this is my dream for her.

While I was painting it this musical piece came in mind. I think that, if my dreams could have a soundtrack, there's no better musician than Phillip Glass - or could be another one -.

My sister and I have been playing "song, song". Is a fabulous easy game on which one start with a song and that song leads to another and so on, so on. Could be because of the lyrics or the melody.

I'll marry a person that can play that game, so, I'll marry my iPod. Problem solved :P

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