Dinner and Ophelia WIP

Today I started my entry for William Shakehead's moly exchange. I choose to first draw Hamlet's Ophelia. She's one of my most favourite characters from Shakehead's plays. Hmmmm... I think she needs more colour, still I won't add more until I start working on the background.

I'm affraid this will take longer than I thought.

Last night we -yes, the all me's living inside myself - had a lovely dinner with my mum, my sister Lluvia and Miguel.

If you were me, you'd be 1 m 55 cm tall - everytime I go to the doctor my hight is less, don't know why -, not hungry but seeing this :

Marcel was around too. I don't know if he was almost tasting the chicken soup on the table or Lluvia was choking him. Poor guy.