Baba Yaga & music

Today I made my entry for Baba Yaga's exchange. I still can't take Bilibin's work out off my head. I must admit I get really desperate because is pretty difficult to work with the nibs. I'm so happy Lynne gave me some, I used them here and I been using them for quite some time, well, most of the time I just stare at them, they're so lovely.

I wish I could read music. I can, but can't hear it. This pages are from my dad's moleskine. Once we went to buy some and he bought this for music. He just made two entries. I like the first one, because is so plastic. The second one is kind of crazy.

I don't know how it sounds. This make me feel so empty, empty of his presence.

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szaza dijo...

Your dad's Mollies are gorgeous. I cannot explain how moving it is to see them; I feel that writing and drawings done by someone's hand and left behind for us to touch and see is something so precious. It's a piece of him so personal that you get to hold in your hands. What a treasure.