Piedra, papel o tijeras

Sometimes I'm sick of my own face. Is there and everybody else can see it, but why should I see it all the time? But there are sometimes when I see it and I don't recognize it, is somebody else's face. I look at it deeply, I see the eyes - deep brown, the lips - like a duck's mouth - the nose... I like my nose, but still is not my nose and not my lips, my eyes, eyebrows, etc. I ask to that person looking back to me at the mirror "who are you?" She asks the same to me. No response.I never draw myself how I really am. Is me, yes, minus this, minus that. "Artist's license" is called, pure self indulgence I call it.I'm selfish, yes and I have my egotheque of self portraits. I'm the only one there willing to be drawn, and my cats of course.
I don’t like to draw hair
And I hate Mozart… most of his works, except that one and a few more.

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Caitlin dijo...

Aw, i like Mozart...

But i know what you mean about the face. Oftentimes when i see myself in the mirror, i think that i don't look like who i think i am... but then, i don't know how i ought to look, either.

(I'm from DeviantArt by the way. Your blog is really nice. :))