Pushkin / Bilibin - old memories

While looking through my dad books I found this little book - actually is big but thin -. Is an A. Pushkin story, a book edited in Russia, transtaled to spanish. I remember that I spent hours looking at the images, marveled by their beauty. My wish was, back those days, that someday I could make such beautiful drawings.

Years after I'm still amazed by Bilibin's works and still wishing one day I could make things like that.

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Siddartha Babbii dijo...

Wow! de hecho si es la cosa mas bonita del mundo! grandes ilustraciones! que felicidad!

Lady Orlando dijo...

Lo sé !!! ^^

Total Stendahl Syndrome :DDD

Lynne dijo...

they really are beautiful illustrations, a real treasure you have found :-)

Lady Orlando dijo...

Yes, they are.

For years I wondered where was that book. There was even this thought that it wasn't mine and I saw it somewhere :)

szaza dijo...

Wow!! Those are exquisite!!
I've never seen them before, thank you :)

Rogelio dijo...

sshhshhh!!!.. beauty!