My dad...

... died on Monday. My sister found him in his house, peaceful on his bed; he looked like this. How fortunated he was and I am calmed and happy it was this way things happened.

I been thinking how people say when somebody dies that he or she was a good person, even if he or she was a bastard. I can trully say that my dad was not a good person, he was the most wonderful person I've ever met in so many ways; sure he had his bad sides, as we all, but the good sides were bigger and richer than enything else. I love him so much and I always will and he loved me too and were pround of me as his daughter as I know he was pround of my sister too.

I only regret that I didn't saw him on Sunday for the last time. I didn't saw him as we always did, because I was selfish and stupid and were only thinking about how I was feeling that day. Now my last memory of is him so worried asking me to see him, go out and take a coffee and talk to make me feel better. I know is going to take a while to forgive myself, but I will, I need to, I know he'd like that more than anything. Monday morning I woke up thinking about how much wished I could hold him and say to him how sorry and silly I was and that he always make me feel so happy and yes, let's go for a chai with soy milk and check some cd's at "mix-up" and buy some puff pastry for he could make a delicious struddel I liked so much and in that way he, my sister and me could be happy, or even go to watch "aliens vs monsters" on 3D because he wanted that.

I will always keep a very warm feeling about him because he was both my dad and my mum for a very long time and for that I have and always will admire him.

Gracias por todo, padre mío.

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Lynne dijo...

Oh Yoda, I am so sorry to hear this. How lucky you are to have had a father who loved you and who you loved so much , my condolences to you and your family.

Estoy muy triste por la pérdida de su Padre. Sé que la
memoria de su amor por ti te mantendrá fuerte.

Rogelio dijo...

i was very moved when you told me. siempre, las pocas veces que me topé con el, fue agradable saludarlo. but ive learned that death isnt a bad thing, if anything the greatest thing that can happen to anybody. another chance for living and making things right.
saludos amiga yodinski!
cuidate mucho!