Mi corazón - very ugly

I should stop listening to those country songs, they only make me feel sadder...But Johnny is here tonight with me saying "hey! get rhythm, when you feel the blues", tying to cheer me up, dancing around with his guitar, giving me a croocked smile. And I hear what he says, with his lovely deep voice. I tell him how I fell in that ring of fire once he fell... and it burns, burns, burns the ring of fire, isn't ?
He takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. "It's all a dream, babe, ya know?" he whispers in my ear.I woke up. Is not a dream and I'm still sad.
For two days I been feeling worthless, in a way that is like people are ashamed of me, friends, loved ones, is always the same.
My heart is ugly and I'm the only one who can't see that.
Wake up, hon, don't keep on fooling yourself.

2 comentarios:

Lynne dijo...

sweety do not believe it...........all this will pass, and you will feel beautiful again, your heart and you are fine, really fine,,,,,,,,,,

Siddartha Babbii dijo...

Que paso? camarada Yoda! podría decirte que no tienes porque sentirte asi, pero no lo haré seguramente lo necesitas, prefiero que estes en estas crisisahora para que puedas desbordar creatividad y arte despues, esto tal como die Lynne debe ser pasajero no se clave! y en vez de escuchar country le recomiendo el Emo! a mi parecer en eso se esta convirtiendo! jajajajaj! no es cierto solo bromeaba, pus no me queda mas que decir ANIMO! ANIMO! ANIMO! al menos en oceanica funciona! ;)