Today I still feel idiotic and upset with myself, mainly, for being like this.

I'm still waiting for the same stupid things that won't come and my hands are full of my things.

Today I want them empty.

No dreams

No wonders

I finished the first entry on my new journal. I thought that would make me feel a bit better but didn't do the trick. I tried this material, an indian ink. I don't know if it's supposed to smell as horrid as it smells and I'm starting to get a headache - fantastic, the cherry on the freaking top -. Now I know I like regular ink more, also because is waterproof and the lines seem more solid. Sure I'll use that ink again, but next time, with the propper ventilation.

Speaking of ventilation...

My pc is freaking hot. Leon, the technician, told me that water boils at 100º degrees and my pc is at 95º degrees right now. I could heat my tea if I want to with no problems, except for the pc, of course. He could low the temperature at 86º degrees, which is still no good.

It was a weird umpleasant day. I could make a list of things that happened, but I'm too tired and I think I'm going to sleep now before I really get upset about, well, all.

... and I uploaded two images here and now there's only one !

That's it !

I'm going to sleep right now !

3 comentarios:

Cake Breath dijo...

That's odd. Normally the Indian ink I use is quite pleasant. A little bit of a scent, but nothing strong. Perhaps an excuse to sit near a window/outside and draw?

feel better soon

Lynne dijo...

indian ink does contain shellac, pehaps you are sensitive to it....it can give bad headaches :-(

Lady Orlando dijo...

Cake Breath - I been pondering about the possibility that the ink is in a bad state, but I'm not sure because is the first time I use it. Then yes, I'll sit near my window when I'm using it :)

I hope you're feeling ok :)

Lynne - I didn't know that. I've noticed a little bit of blood in my nose after I was using it and I almost had a hemorrhage, but I managed to stop it on time. Thing is my respiratory system is not good and I have sinusitis. I think I'll be more careful in the future when I use it :)