Empty bed and secrets of my room

Today I woke up early. The sky was blue with no clouds, the weather hot but comfortable. I opened my eyes and look to the courtains moving softly when the breeze from outside the window hit them. I got up, right foot first, left one after. My mum was calling me for breakfast so I went down to the kitchen and that place where we eat - I can never recall what's the name of that place -. I ate my breakfast in silence : eggs, coffee and some mixture of apple with seeds, drinkable thing, sweet and delicious. My mum and sister were insilence too, except for the little tick - my neice . She was on and on talking about... what ever, actually, a common conversation an 8 year old gikl would have. I was still sleep, the minutes seemed to strech to impossible ways and every one of them seemed like a century. I had to excuse myself and went to sleep again. I slept until 3 pm. I was checking my e-mail and some pages around. I didn't have any mail. He doesn't write anymore and sometimes I miss the past days. Good, maybe is the way it has to be. My nephew came into my room and we were talking. He asked me lots of questions. Is amazing to see how much they change when they're growing up. My mum called him - it seems she's all day calling people around -, she tought he was bothering me, but he wasn't... much. Before I went down again I found two e-mails there waiting for me, one wishing me a good evening, the other with a link for a blog, both messages from the same person. My heart jumped, as it used to. Is all I needed at the moment.
Down there with my family I ate a mango, juicy, sweet. I went back to my room and decided to take some photos around. There aren't many, my batteries are empty and I think there's something wrong with them - they're rechargables ones -.
I didn't make the bed, didn't feel like it. I spend too much time on it lately that I'm starting to believe we have a secret well known affair

I couldn't decide which of the two photos I like the most. Now my wall has more things, little ones, nice ones.

My dad had so many things, some of them I'll place in my room, maybe.

Inks. I'm addicted to inks. I keep the little red tin thing near them. Lynne send it from UK and it has tons of nibs, also part of the gift she sent. I'm most happy and lucky to get those. I've tried most of them, just little scribbles, nothing too fancy. I'll use them for sure, when I get the hunger for draw.

The last two things: a little bird I have in my room. I have two, I should take a photo of the other one too. This one remind me one beautiful lovely bird named Rita that once found me, not long ago, under a stary sky.

This last one, one of my favourites. A gift from Erandi, when we lived in Mexico City. She told me it looks like me. I don't know, maybe she was right.

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Siddartha Babbii dijo...

Wow un universo muy curioso, el utlimo titere es mi favorito! :D